A Japanese Adventure: “Kindred Spirits”

All throughout our trip my sister jokingly said that most of my adventures revolved around food… and she was probably right. I’m a foodie, I can’t help it. 🙂

After our adventures and exploration in Shibuya we headed to dinner at “Ippin”.

And we came across this fantastic beauty while we were walking to Ippin:

Ippin was another quiet and dimly lit peaceful restaurant… perfect for a relaxing meal at the end of a touristy kinda day.

Now, everywhere in Japan, everyone we met was extremely polite, gracious and helpful.. but here’s the thing about Ippin…. they had the friendliest and ‘awesomest’ staff of all the places we’d been to!! 🙂

You could tell the minute you walked in… They were kindred spirits.
Their contagious smiles and light-heartedness was just what we needed. One hostess in particular was so full of life (Ok.. I’ll admit it… I totally had a crush on her.. 😉 … ) and energy, we just watched her as she went from table to table, full of smiles, making sure everything was alright.

Now… the food… I was not in a noodle-mood, so while everyone else in our group had noodles, I decided to be a little adventurous and order (if my memory hasn’t failed me) hot garlic chicken…. it was epic… !

As we left, the super awesome staff was kind enough to pose for a picture with us 🙂


We made our way back to the hotel, full stomachs and hearts overflowing with warmth…
If I ever go back, I’ll definitely visit Ippin again!
The next blog post will cover our trip to none other than……. Mount Fuji … aka Fuji-san! 🙂

But before I sign-off, just a couple of thoughts on photography:
Most of the pictures I took on the trip were on my iPhone 6 Plus and occasionally some on my backup phone, the Samsung A5… and both were fine. One of our tour group members had an amazing alternative: Instant Prints.. courtesy of Fujifilm instax mini 90 neo classic. I’d highly recommend that if you’re into photography, you carry a small instant camera to capture some prints as memories.. 🙂


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