A Japanese Adventure – Shopping Districts and Moroccan Cuisine

After exploring and appreciating the historical and spiritual sites in Kyoto, we finally got our first taste of a little ‘commerce’… at ‘Teramachi-dori’ or Teramachi Street in Kyoto!



“Teramachi-dori is one of the most famous streets in Kyoto city. This street has a variety of characteristics, and a calm ambience. There are many good stores from south of Kyoto City Hall to north of the center of Kyoto. These stores can be both tasteful and traditional, but on the other hand, there are also a number that offer modern styling for Japanese people.”

The variety of shops/stores is impressive… you can find a little bit of everything.
Snacks, more vending machines, coffee shops, clothes, technology (I picked up a lighting cable for my iPhone), arcades, a cinema, and more…

I think this was perhaps the first place where I really got lost in the atmosphere and forgot to take pictures 🙂 … Just spent the next few hours walking, browsing, doing a little shopping and appreciating the energy.

My only regret is that I didn’t visit these two places:

I can’t believe I missed a coffee shop and a book store!!
I did stop at an anime/manga store later on, and as expected in an entire store full of manga there were only a handful of english volumes… which is a pity given the number of tourists.

Interesting point on bookstores: They are specialized. The smaller bookstores specialize in specific categories, so a bookstore would only sell art books, or only sell law books, or only sell engineering books, etc etc..
At least, that’s what I’ve been told but it would be good if anyone could confirm that for me. 🙂

The greatest takeaway of the night:


Yup! Turns out at ‘ABC Mart’ (http://www.abc-mart.co.jp/english/rekishieng.html), Converse is much cheaper than back here in Dubai… and there was a sale on! Picked up a couple of pairs of editions I’d been looking for for quite some time.

After a long long time browsing this endless shopper’s paradise, it was time for dinner!

Oh! By the way, a note on ‘stamps’: So in Japan, stamps are used instead of signatures, so if you have a common tourist name you’ll be able to find it in a stamp form! Stores have them ready.. so Keep a look out! 🙂


Dinner was at a Moroccan restaurant… and needless to say… we were starving! It’s that summer humidity which totally saps your energy and whets your appetite.

We were greeted, as always, with some deliciously refreshing cold water, followed by soup, an incredible salad and the main course.

The highlight of the meal for me was the tea… sweet and delicious! I was totally ready for another cup… but it was time to head back to hotel and recharge. A long day finally at an end and many more adventures to follow.


Stay turned, the next blog post will cover the NINJA MUSEUM! 🙂



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