A Japanese Adventure: Exquisite Traditional Lunch

From the Kiyomizu-dera we headed to our first Japanese meal of the tour.
We weren’t entirely sure what to expect. All we’d been told was that it would be vegetarian (vegan actually) and that the meal would be based on the dietary habits of ‘monks undergoing training’… mysterious and intriguing.


The name of the restaurant was : “Kangaan Fucharyori“.
We passed through a quaint and welcoming little garden, filled with Chinese statues.
I wouldn’t have been able to identify them as such, but our tour guide, Hiroko-san, mentioned they were Chinese and we could identify them also by the ’roundness’ in the design of the faces.

The food had already been prepared and as we took our seats, the feast began!
The serving style was quite unique:
– It was an 11 course meal
– Each dish served per table contained 4 pieces (the number of people seated at each table)
– The expectation was that each person at the table is to take his piece of that dish and put it in his plate. The empty serving dish would then be taken by the server and replaced with the next dish, once we were ready.

Yes the purple orchid in the picture above is edible… it was quite crispy and delicious! 🙂


– Every single dish was unique. I’d never tried any of them before.
(except the watermelon served as the sweet dish :-))
– Some dishes were great while others were a little bit bland. Not a single dish was ‘bad’ or ‘unpleasant’ in taste. They were all enjoyable.
– My favorite was probably the orchid.

I am glad to say that I actually tried 12 out of the 13 courses.
There was just one (sweet chilli – not spicy) that I chose to pass on to my sister, not because I couldn’t eat it, but because she had already eaten hers and wanted more! 😛

The experience was fantastic and I’d like to thank the tourism authority who had helped support our visit to the restaurant. I’d also like to clarify, this is a bit fancy and pricey and is based on the dietary habits of monks in training. Monks don’t actually come here and eat this 13 course meal every day… 🙂

I couldn’t find an official site but you can find out more about it on several other blogs/reviews which have been written on it. (Such as on this TripAdvisor Review)

As someone who loves meat and has completely different dietary habits, this was a once in a lifetime experience; one I’m not likely to forget anytime soon.

Here is a snap of the menu of dishes we were served, in case you’re curious:


And here are the final snaps from Kangaan:

Our next stop after lunch was the Golden Temple as well as the Rock Garden, both of which I shall cover in the next blog post! 🙂


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